Monitoring Exams

We are available to assist in the monitoring of exams within the guidelines listed here. 


  • All exams must be open book and open note. 
  • You may use Library computers for exams or to receive the exams by email. Our staff will extend the computer time limit if arrangements are made in advance. You may also use your own computer if the institution issuing the exam allows it. 

The Library will:

  • Receive a copy of the exam or access password on your behalf and verify your I.D. You are responsible for verifying the exam has arrived. 
  • Attempt to provide a reasonably quiet place to take the exam. 
  • Upon request, verify the start and end times of the exam. 
  • Return the exam by mail, fax, or email. 

The Library will not:

  • Monitor closed book exams.
  • Guarantee specific noise of activity levels. 
  • Check your activity during an exam. 
  • Provide supplies, postage, envelopes, or absorb unreasonable printing costs. 
  • Keep records of exams. 

A full version, opens a new window of this policy is available online. 

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