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Book Match

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Not Sure What to Read Next?

Let our matchmakers create a customized reading list just for you! You can ask for recommendations from a specific matchmaker, or fill out our Book Match Questionnaire and we'll choose a matchmaker for you. Click on any of the photos below to find out more about our Matchmakers.

Becky M. reads mysteries, psychological thrillers, cozy mysteries, and true crime.

Beth B. reads fantasy, science fiction, graphic novels, adventure, paranormal romance, historical and cozy mysteries, and some nonfiction.

Chris S. reads literary fiction, historical fiction, magical realism, and nonfiction, especially meditation and mindfulness.

Jessie S. reads space operas, fantasy, paranormal, romance, classics, cozy mysteries, DIY, and cookbooks for adults; romantic comedies and science fiction/fantasy for teens; and fantasy and feel-good fiction for children.

Julia W. reads picture books, children’s fiction, young adult fiction, graphic novels, mysteries & thrillers, horror, adventure, realistic fiction, and cookbooks.

Kate A. reads children's fiction, young adult fiction, and adult true crime. 

Leo L. reads realistic fiction, fantasy, and books for children and teens.

Mary A. reads fantasy and science fiction, fairy tales and mythology, narrative nonfiction, historical fiction, and historical mysteries for all ages.

Nancy M. reads #ownvoices young adult authors, Latin American historical fiction, juvenile/picture books that tell history.

Nidya G. reads historical fiction, magical realism, fantasy, mystery, nonfiction, biographies, and teen and children’s fiction.

Nissa N. reads nonfiction adventure and history, historical and literary fiction, and mysteries.

Patty M. reads Scandinavian mystery, psychological thrillers, Southern/Mountain noir, literary fiction, memoirs, and nonfiction history.

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