Matchmaker – Mary A.

Mary A Matchmaker

Mary loves to read widely, but she especially loves fantasy, science fiction, and narrative nonfiction. Mary reads to escape the real world and loves being immersed in new worlds with strong characters and relationships, and lots of adventure. She also enjoys narrative nonfiction (which reads more like a novel) about history, current events and politics, and collected biographies. She's also happy to help younger readers find picture books, middle grade fiction, and teen fiction.

Ask Mary what to read.

Mary's Recommendations

Books to Give You Chills!

Snuggle up inside with one of these snowy winter stories. All of the titles on this list are for middle grade readers (grades 4-6).

Kids at Work

Enjoy these fictional stories about kids who work in their family's businesses, from cafes, to bookstores, motels, and bike shops.

Poetic Possibilities

There are at least 50 different styles of poetry. April is National Poetry Month. Here are some of our favorite books of poetry for kids.
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