Matchmaker – Kalie M.

Kalie's desert island reads:

Moby Dick, everything by Jane Austen, Cassandra at the Wedding by Dorothy Baker, everything by Elena Ferrante, the Spellman Files series by Lisa Lutz, some James Baldwin (maybe a novel or two that I haven't read yet), all Shirley Jackson, and The Faggots and their Friends Between Revolutions. I pack about four books anytime I leave for an overnight trip, so it's kind of hard to only pick a few.

What Kalie does when she's not reading:

I like to make art and spend time in nature. Right now I'm working on some painting, ceramics, printmaking, and zine projects. I hike, swim, and camp pretty frequently (ideally with a good book in hand!).

If Kalie could meet any literary character, or visit any literary world, it would be:

I'd like to meet Selin from Eilf Batuman's The Idiot, just because I think we'd be friends.

Ask Kalie what to read.

Kalie's Recommendations

Kalie's Highlights

Some favorites, new and old.

Creepy Books

Gothic, horror, fantastical and/or books with a strong mood. Not necessarily actual thrillers.

Favorite LGBTQ+ Titles

Some of my favorite fiction and nonfiction books with a LGBTQ+ theme.
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