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Becky loves almost all mysteries (she's not a fan of historical mysteries) because she likes to try and figure out "whodunit." She enjoys psychological thrillers because they are usually fast-paced, page-turners that are full of suspense. On the opposite end of the spectrum, cozy mysteries are tame, feature a bit of a love story, and have a "shtick" (main character owns a bakeshop, is a psychic, or a librarian). Murders happen "off the page" and the main character sleuths around to help solve the crime. If you have an interest in mysteries, Becky wants to create a list of must-reads just for you! Click on the images below to see her favorites.

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Becky's Recommendations

Favorite Thrillers from 2021

It may seem early for a "best of the year list," but here are some of my favorite thrillers published in 2021! Enjoy!

Fun Flirty Contemporary Romance

Sometimes you need a break from those psychological thrillers with creepy twists and turns. Enjoy these quick, light romances.

Read With Your Ears: Great Audiobooks

I spend a lot of time reading with my ears because I'm in the car often. Check out some of my favorite audiobooks.
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