Meet Our Management

Meet Our Management

Library Administration

Cindy Chadwick

County Librarian

Deb Sica

Deputy County Librarian

Ben Gomberg

Division Director – Community Libraries

Erin Berman

Division Director – Learning Group

Alicia Reyes

Communications Manager

Angel Vazquez

Information Systems Manager

Darshan Chattha

Financial Services Officer

Erika Atkins

Facilities Manager

Community and Neighborhood Libraries

Library Manager - Becky Machetta
Adult & Teen Services Manager -
Elizabeth Gamell
Children's Services Manager -
Chien-Chun Chang

Manager - Rachel Sher
Assistant Manager - Anica Masand

Manager - Dawn Balestreri
Assistant Manager - Patty Mangel

Manager - Jane Carr
Assistant Manager - Kirk Hammond

Manager - Shammi Gill
Assistant Manager - Rosemary Gomes

Manager - Joe Stoner
Assistant Manager - Juan Benjumea

Manager - Jane Carr
Assistant Manager - Kirk Hammond

Manager - Lorraine Marcille
Assistant Manager - Noelle Cruz

Manager - Blaine Wentworth
Assistant Manager - Sally Ross

Learning Group

Family Services - Andrea Davis
Youth Services - Erik Berman

Technical Services

Cataloging & Processing - Renee Bu
Collections - Michael-Wallace Davis Jr.

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