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Adult Summer Adventure book lists

Books on Music in Adult Non-Fiction - Summer Adventure 2024

This list represents but a small sampling of the different musical genres you can learn about through the Alameda County Library!

Senses & Sensation in Adult Fiction - Summer Adventure 2024

Wonder what it would be like to see words as colors? Or to live without sight or sound? Experience these worlds through fiction!

The Sense of Smell--Summer Adventure 2024

Follow your nose through these adult fiction and nonfiction books that relate to the sense of smell.

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Staff Picks

Senses in Adult nonfiction - Summer Adventure 2024

How do our senses shape the way we perceive the world around us, and do we really have only five senses? Read on to find out!

Poetry for the Senses - Summer Adventure 2024

Poetry is a great way for all ages to engage their senses! Read these selections and start seeing and sensing the world in new ways.

Title Tracks - Summer Adventure 2024

A reading list for teens. What's not to love when books and music blend together?

Taste Something New!

Explore your sense of taste with one of these cookbooks.

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Let the library community help guide your next book pick.

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