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Reach your reading and writing goals.

How do I get help learning to read and write?

Call us at 510-745-1480 or fill out this form, opens a new window to get started. One-time appointments are available!

How can I help someone learn to read and write?

Call us at 510-745-1480 or fill out this form, opens a new window to get started. No previous teaching experience is required to be a Learning Partner. We are looking for individuals who show empathy, respect, and patience for others in the learning process. We will provide training for all the rest!

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Northstar Digital Literacy

Northstar Digital Literacy defines the basic skills needed to perform tasks on computers and online.

USA Learns

Improve skills such as reading, writing, math, English language competency, and problem-solving.


Pronunciator is an online language-learning service that includes 80 languages for beginners and advanced learners, kids, and adults.

Career Online High School

Are you over 18 and without a high school diploma? Apply for this free program to receive your degree! Complete the degree in 12-14 months.

Read With Us

Read With Us

Black Joy: A Booklist Celebrating Black Voices

For teens and others who are sometimes reluctant to read. The list includes different kinds of books written by African-Americans.

Sheroes of Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Science fiction and fantasy books with females leading the way.

Fresh Reads: Family

Quick easy reads about family and everything that comes with it.
Fresh Reads Leaves

Find a Fresh Read

You Can Write Too!

You Can Write Too!

Learner Writing: The Cockatiel

John Lin writes about his pet cockatiel, Cutie.

Learner Writing: My Dream

Nhi Nhi Ly dreams of using English like a native speaker.

Learner Writing: I Have a Memory

Mariam Mogaddedi writes a letter about memories from home.

Learner Writing: My Journey into Singing

Wanda Wang shares a story about her lifelong singing career.

We've got something for everyone.

Level Up!

Leveling Up

Become a Learning Partner!

Do you help your family, friends, neighbors with homework, reading mail, or filling out applications? You could be a Learning Partner!

Why Poetry Matters in Literacy

Learners share their poems to show its value in improving skills. To celebrate National Poetry Month, learners who joined our programs at…

Learn English Online with Pronunciator!

Pronunciator is an online program to help you learn another language. Have your library card ready and get started!
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