Matchmaker – Kate A

Kate's desert island reads: 

Nancy Drew #s 79 and 85, The Double Horror of Fenley Place and The Secret of Shady Glen, are my favorite Nancy Drew re-reads! I would absolutely need a copy of those, along with my favorite adult reads, Meg Cabot’s Heather Wells mysteries—if I’m trapped on a desert island, I want something fun!

What Kate does when she's not reading:

I write books, which is not so different, because I only started writing books so I’d have more to read! My published books so far, Drew Leclair Gets a Clue and Drew Leclair Crushes the Case, reflect my love of mysteries. This leads to my other hobby—true crime podcasts! I’m a devoted murderino and wannabe crime solver--I actually received a degree in sociology/criminology and once planned to be a criminal profiler before I made my way to libraries!

If Kate could meet any literary character, or visit any literary world, it would be:

Oh, Nancy Drew. I’m so predictable! I would love to join Bess and George on Nancy’s crime solving team. That being said, I often wish I could meet the characters in my books—but I admit I’m afraid they would yell at me for what I put them through!

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