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Patty M Matchmaker

Patty will read almost anything, fiction or nonfiction, but she loves a good, gritty mystery! As Stephen King says, “Sometimes you read for the story, sometimes you read for the words.” She loves a beautifully written literary story, but she will then jump into an Appalachian or Ozark dark tale. She loves a good memoir, but then she'll dive into a Scandinavian noir thriller. Let Patty create a book list for you based on what you like!

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Patty's Recommendations

Patty's Favorite Books of all Time

These are titles that I have typically read more than once because they are that good.

Gritty Southern/Country Noir

Are you having trouble with your gun-toting neighbors? Can't track down your meth dealer? These books are perfect for you.

Feel something, question something, learn something

These are stories that make you feel, ask questions, and learn.
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