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Patty M Matchmaker

Patty will read almost anything, fiction or nonfiction, but she loves a good, gritty mystery! As Stephen King says, “Sometimes you read for the story, sometimes you read for the words.” She loves a beautifully written literary story, but she will then jump into an Appalachian or Ozark dark tale. She loves a good memoir, but then she'll dive into a Scandinavian noir thriller. Let Patty create a book list for you based on what you like!

Ask Patty what to read.

Patty's Recommendations

Patty's Favorite Books of all Time

These are titles that I have typically read more than once because they are that good.

Patty's Favorite Non-Fiction

These subjects are all over the place, but they're all books I loved.

Patty's Favorite Mystery Series

These are my favorite mysteries. Well written and grabbing! Grab a blankie, a cup a joe, and sink into a comfy chair.
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