Collection Management

A primary responsibility of the library is to encourage and support reading. To do this, we develop collections of reading materials of interest to you, our community members! Our staff identify and responds to changing demographics, community interests, and current events to develop relevant collections. The principle of open access to diverse perspectives and ideas guides our selection process. 

We seek to offer materials the reflect multiple points of view on controversial issues. An item will not be excluded from our collection solely because its content is controversial. It is our policy to remain neutral on public issues. The Library does not endorse the opinions or points of view expressed in the collection of materials. All of our materials are selected using professional standards, regardless of the personal views of our staff. 

Responsibility for the selection of materials rests with our professionally trained librarians. They are guided by this policy, the Library's collection development plan, and are constrained by the limits of available resources. The County Librarian has the final responsibility and authority in determining the content of our collection. 

To maintain an up-to-date collection free from obsolete, worn, or no longer useful items, we regularly deselect materials. These materials are removed from the collection in compliance with procedures approved by the Board of Supervisors. Our collections are not static; they are ever-changing, dynamic, and reflective of our constantly transforming communities. 

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