Displays, Exhibits, & Printed Materials

The Library has exhibit and display areas available to share printed and digital materials with the public. These spaces are available to organizations and individuals engaged in educational, cultural, intellectual, charitable, and other non-commercial activities. Display spaces must be reserved and materials approved by the Library prior to posting or sharing.

Display areas are available to promote our mission, values, and vision:

MissionWe Grow Learners, Break Barriers, Build Futures

Values: Authenticity, Integrity, Creativity, Curiosity, Empathy 

Vision: Kind, Connected Humans 

We do not advocate or endorse the content of displays or exhibits, or the viewpoints of exhibitors. If you believe that a display, exhibit, or printed material is not suitable, speak to the Library Manager at the location where the material is displayed. 

Any displays, exhibits, and printed materials must be approved by the Library Manager. Materials will be posted as space allows for up to 30 days, or until the information is no longer timely, whichever comes first. Speak with library staff if you are interested in posting materials. 

A full version, opens a new window of this policy is available for you. The full-text policy includes details on why a display, exhibit, or material may not be approved. 

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