Discover What an AC Library Card Can Do for You!

Image of children at a library reading books and the Alameda County Library card that says "Kind, Connected Humans"

A library card sparks creativity and inspires people of all ages to explore new passions, interests, and a path of lifelong learning. Use your AC Library card and unlock a wealth of resources and support with the following benefits:  

Did you know your AC Library card also helps you save money? With I Love Library's   Library Value Calculator, find out how much of your money is going back into your pockets each time you check out books, audiobooks, livestream movies, and more. On average, parents and caregivers save more than $2,000 over their first five years just on children’s books alone!  

Visit your local AC Library or follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or X (formerly Twitter) to learn about the benefits of having an Alameda County Library Card. Don’t have an AC Library card? Anyone living, working, or going to school in California can sign up at no cost. Plus, there are no fees for overdue items.  

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