Book Match: Chill Winter Books

Blog by the Book Match Team Winter glides in with shorter days and longer, chilly nights. Grab a blanket, treat yourself to a hot drink, and warm up with a book from one of these seasonal lists. Embrace the coziness with a children’s book about animals snuggling down in their dens, or lean into the…
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The Festival of Lights

Diwali, the five-day multi-faith festival is celebrated at the start of the Indian Lunar calendar throughout South Asia. While traditions vary slightly across religions, the festival marks the start of an auspicious new year and a time of bountiful harvest. 
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Book Match: Autumnal Reads

Autumn returns with shorter days and the first hint of chill at night. Jump right in, and embrace the seasonal change with a book from our booklists. As summer slides into fall, celebrate the harvest with a farm-themed picture book, or stay up late with eerie tales by the light of the moon. 
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