Matchmaker – Chris S.

Chris S Matchmaker

Chris enjoys reading a wide variety of adult fiction and nonfiction. Her favorites are complex, beautifully written fiction books that help her escape and compelling nonfiction books that help her learn. She’s happy to help you create a book list that’s just for you! Click on the images below to learn more about her favorites.

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Chris's Recommendations

Delectable Memoirs for Adult Foodies (Alameda County Reads)

The lives of chefs and food writers are revealed in these memoirs that are sure to make your mouth water.

Climate Hope

Yes, these books will tell you the truth about our climate crisis. But they will also offer hopeful solutions. Let's get busy.

Science and Nature Writing for Nonscientists

Enjoy this collection for people who want to know more about science and our natural world but lack deep background knowledge.
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