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Matchmaker – Chris S.

Chris S Matchmaker

Chris enjoys reading a wide variety of adult fiction and nonfiction. Her favorites are books that help her stay present and those that help her get lost in another place and time. On the one hand, she loves books about mindfulness and meditation, and on the other hand, she loves literary fiction and historical fiction, especially if the books include a bit of magical realism. She’s happy to help you create a book list that’s just for you! Click on the images below to learn more about her favorites.

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Chris's Recommendations

Delectable Memoirs for Adult Foodies (Alameda County Reads)

The lives of chefs and food writers are revealed in these memoirs that are sure to make your mouth water.

Being Present

Take a deep breath. Enjoy these books that will help you get started with a meditation and mindfulness practice.

Great Fiction with a Magical Twist

Try these titles that are beautifully written and have at least a bit of magical realism and wonder. Enjoy!
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