How to Start Your Magical Journey: Tracking Your Summer Adventure Progress

Do you enjoy keeping a record of your progress? We’ll offer ideas on how you can keep track of your magical journey YOUR way this summer!  

Want to track your progress?  

The optional tracker is an interactive way to record what you’ve accomplished and create something artistic at the same time. You can track your progress to share with us using your prize submission form or grab a bookmark, while supplies last, and keep it with you all summer! Are you working on your fine motor skills? Try to use markers or crayons that are just right for you to color in each crystal in your favorite hues!

Set Your Own Goals (A Reading Example) 

The activity of reading or being read to is just one way to participate. Are you adventuring with a prereader? Color in a magic crystal for any reading you do together and check the early literacy calendar, updated monthly on AC Library’s Families page, for more daily literacy-building activities. Are you a reader who prefers to structure reading sessions by a set number of minutes (e.g., 20 minutes)? Choose how long you’d like to read for and color in a crystal for each time you complete your goal. Choose a reading goal that’s right for you and be sure to check out our Book Match program if you want any recommendations for your next read! Adventurers who prefer to keep their tracker at home can follow these steps with the summer adventure bookmark (left), coloring in books to mark your progress throughout the summer. 

Choose Your Activities and Color It Your Own Way  

Whether you read, develop a new skill, or create using your imagination, Summer Adventure is a time to celebrate all types of learning! You’re always welcome to dream up the activities and learning goals that are meaningful to you. 

Love making art? Draw a picture of yourself completing an activity using the open box in the prize submission form!







Share with Us  

Using our bookmark is only one way to keep track of your summer memories. As you participate, we hope you’ll collect memories and moments of your magical journey to save or share. At the end of Summer Adventure, share any of your reflections (pictures, art, photos, etc.) with us online or at your AC Library location.  

Pick up an Adventure Guide now at any of our library locations, mobile library stops, or by downloading it from our website at Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to keep up with AC Library’s exciting calendar of summer events. You can also check out what others are sharing with us online at our Submission Showcase. Happy adventuring!