Back to School Magic: Summer Adventure 2023 

As we reach the end of a wonderful 2023 Summer Adventure program, AC Library welcomes the upcoming school year and reimagines our role to encourage reading for pleasure year-round. Reading for enjoyment as well as learning is key when it comes to developing reading skills.  Summer is a great time to hit the reset button and help kids self-select the books that they enjoy most. But how do we make sure our school-age kids read for pleasure during the school year? 

Reading for fun isn’t only about learning and achievement—it can also improve kids’ well-being. Let’s face it: back to school can be an exciting time for many kids, but for some, this could be a stressful time that parents or caregivers might not know about. Kids starting a new academic year or new school might be asking themselves:  

Will my friends remember me? 

Will I get a nice teacher? 

Will I understand the homework? 

During uncertain times, reading offers an escape and can help kids practice self-care. And what better escape than exploring new worlds through MAGIC? Our school-age members are definitely still hooked on Harry Potter’s Hogwarts and Percy Jackson’s Camp Half-Blood—but did you know that there are plenty of other books that feature magical schools? As we head into this new school year, check out this list of magical school books and discover a new read that you may not have heard of yet!  

Summer may be over, but taking the ultimate vacation in the form of a book can last all year long! 

Back to School Magic - Summer Adventure 2023

Kids and Teens--Check out these books about magical schools! Alameda County Library invites you to come along for our 2023 Summer Adventure: A Magical Journey! From June 1 to August 15, let's celebrate the power of imagination and the magic in everyday life. We will discover new worlds, create our own magical journeys, and connect with other adventurers. Pick up an Adventure Guide at any AC Library location starting June 1.

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