Catalog Class 4: Shelves and Holds

Now that you know how to log in, access, and make changes to your AC Library account, let’s take a look at your shelves, lists, and holds, and how to apply settings to each. 

Review the previous Catalog Classes if you need help along the way: 

Navigating My Shelves 

The catalog allows you to save titles under three different shelves: 

  • For Later: Put items here that you want to remember for later, or that you want to read next. 
  • In Progress: Put items here that you are currently reading. 
  • Completed: Put items here when you finish reading them. This is also where titles you comment on, review, add tags to, or otherwise interact with will go.

These lists can be either public or private.

A Tour of My Shelves 

Watch the video to learn more about your For Later, Completed, and In Progress shelves.

Single-Click Holds 

Single-click holds lets you skip the choice of a pickup location and uses the preferred location you set. 

Need help? 

Refer to our Help With the New Library Catalog guide or contact Ask Us to receive personalized assistance.