Catalog Class 2: Log in to Your Account

Welcome back to Catalog Class! In this lesson, we’ll walk you through the registration process and provide an overview of your account features, including your dashboard, settings, and shelves. 

Review last week’s class to learn more about searching the catalog: 

Logging in for the first time 

The first thing you'll need to do is set up your account. You will need your library card numberyour PINand a username of your choice. After creating your username, you can use it to log in to your account. 

Your username must be unique and should not contain sensitive information like your name or barcode number. If you choose to make any part of your profile public, the username will be visible to other members. We’ll go over your privacy settings in a later lesson. 

Watch the video for a full tutorial on setting up your account. 


Your dashboard includes account information, such as what you have checked out and what you have on hold. It will also display a summary of your recent activity and the status of the books you marked as “For Later” while browsing the catalog. We'll go over what “recent activity” and “shelves” mean in a later lesson.


The catalog allows you to personalize your settings in a variety of ways. Watch the video for a little tour of the basics. 

Need help? 

Refer to our Help With the New Library Catalog guide or contact Ask Us to receive personalized assistance.