What’s in a Name? Our Reimagined Summer




Why Change the Name? 

Due to the pandemic last year, we worked quickly to change our approach to the Summer Reading Game. We rose to the challenge by creating Kind, Connected Summer, which had plenty of activities that could be safely completed at home. It was a hit, and we loved seeing and connecting through everyone’s submissions! 

We’re big readers here at the library, but we also want to acknowledge that learning exists beyond reading. We hope this new name reflects that our summer program has expanded to include other forms of participation, exploration, and connection, in addition to the huge role that reading already plays.

But Why “Summer Adventure,” Exactly? 

We spent a lot of time thinking about a new name, but we chose Summer Adventure because we feel that it is fun, exciting, and reflects our goals to learn and explore togetherWe hope that you will love Summer Adventure as much or more than the Summer Reading Game. We still love and encourage reading, even though it isn’t in the title anymore! You can read anything you like as an activity during Summer Adventure.

Why June 15 Through August 15? 

We cover a lot of school districts at AC Library. We chose June 15 through August 15 by taking into account different school calendars. It’s our hope that with these dates, we will be able to provide a wonderful Summer Adventure for as many people as possible.


These are some questions that have come up during our first week. If you have the same questions, here are the answers! 

  • How do I sign up?             
    • There are no sign ups! Simply complete an activity and send us a submission through the online form, or by turning in a paper form to any AC library location. 
  • Where do I find the submission form?              
    • You can fill out the submission form, opens a new window online. You can also pick up a paper submission form at any open library location, or cut it out of your Adventure Guide.
  • What are the prizes?              
    • Prizes are part of the adventure, so we’re keeping those a surprise! However, you can check out our video for a sneak peek at some of them. 

Ready for an Adventure? 

There are plenty of ways to adventure with the library this summer. We’ll have story lists and programs related to our theme, A World of Storiesto attend every week. 

Novels in Translation - Summer Adventure 2021

List created by ACL_ChrisS

Enjoy the stories of rich, complex characters in these novels for adults originally published in languages other than English. Alameda County Library invites you to come along for our 2021 Summer Adventure, A World of Stories! From June 15 to August 15, let’s explore new and creative ways to share our stories while also learning about others’ stories through listening, watching, and of course—reading! Pick up an Adventure Guide at any AC Library location starting June 15.

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Let’s Continue the Adventure!  

We’re already receiving some great submissions! Check out our Submission Showcase on our Summer Adventure webpage. Contribute your own submission by filling out the form online or on paper. Have fun on your adventure!