Featured Summer Adventure Activity: Enjoy a Math Story

Welcome to Week 7 of Summer Adventure  

Greetings fellow adventurers! We are already on week 7 of our Summer Adventure. It is great seeing the amazing stories that everyone is sharing with us; so many wonderful submissions! If you haven’t had a chance yet, there is still time to join the adventure 

We launched a survey and we’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on Summer Adventure. Your feedback helps us plan for the future, so next summer’s adventure can be even better. We even have a bonus prize drawing for those that complete a survey! 

This week we are exploring one of our summer activities: “Enjoy a Math Story.” To help inspire everyone, our teammate Polina shares how math touches our lives. She then suggests some books to get the math adventure started.  

Enjoy a Math Story  

This is a guest blog written by Polina Rubanova. 

Math is all around us, in ways great and small. We use it to follow recipes, measure distances, organize our spaces, and plan out our day. Math helps us make sense of the headlines. It amuses us, playfully peeking out from patterns in puzzles and games. We can even use it to ask questions about what we cannot see or touch: What is the shape of our universe? How many types of infinity are there? And of course, math is here, in these very words—it’s the 1’s and 0’s of binary logic letting you read this post on your computer. 

Math is part of our daily problem solving and creativity, and it is at the cutting-edge of what we can understand. Is it any wonder, then, that math inspires so many stories? AC Library’s Summer Adventure, A World of Stories, invites you to follow your curiosity and explore the stories that make up our world. If you’d like to try the “Enjoy a Math Story” activity, below we have suggestions for all ages and reading tastes  to get you started. We’d love to see your own math story creations, too! 

Share your math stories with us through the submission form on our website. Stay tuned for our biweekly drawings to see if you’ve won a prize, and don’t forget to pick up your book gift from your local AC Library!  

  • Enjoy a Math Story (Children Ages 0-5)       
    • Explore fun stories about counting, shapes, size, patterns and problem solving. Caregivers will find resources to support daily learning moments, too.
  • Enjoy a Math Story (Children Ages 6-12)       
    • Learn to name astronomically large numbers, imagine infinity, travel to magical lands, and much more! You can also see the beautiful shapes couscous makes on a vibrating plate.
  • Enjoy a Math Story (Teens)       
    • Crime solving and code breaking, magic and real life, history and mystery await you on this list.    
  • Enjoy a Math Story (Adults)       
    • From superpowers and alchemy to science, romance, humor and new ways of seeing the world—these math stories come in many flavors! 

Ready for an Adventure? 

There are plenty of ways to adventure with the library this summer. Every week we have story lists and programs related to our theme, A World of Stories.