Bonus Summer Adventure Activity: Try an Experiment and Tell Us about It

Welcome to Week 8 of Summer Adventure 

Salutations adventurers! We have arrived at week 8 of our journey together. There are still two more prize drawings before A World of Stories ends on August 15, which means there is still time to win. We hope that everyone has been enjoying Summer Adventure as much as we have and will continue to submit stories until the very end.  

Did you know that we also have a Summer Adventure survey available right now? Your feedback helps us plan for future adventures. If you haven’t had the chance , please take a couple of minutes to answer our survey. As a thank you, those that submit a survey will be entered into a bonus prize drawing. If you have already submitted a survey, thank you for helping us ensure that every summer will be better than the last!  

This week we bring you a bonus activity from our Summer Adventure teammate, Polina Rubanova. We believe in experimentation and celebrating our mistakes, and hope that you will be inspired to try something new on your adventure.  

Try an Experiment 

This is a guest blog written by Polina Rubanova. 

Bring your sense of discovery and play to this week’s bonus activity by experimenting! Whether you’d like to explore something new or look deeper into why things work, there’s plenty of hands-on fun for everyone. Since an experiment is all about the process of discovering through trial and error, this a great opportunity to celebrate learning from a mistake, too! 

Need some inspiration? Check out this all-ages resource list featuring activities in science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM). You’ll find edible kitchen science, simple but fascinating experiments with household objects, crime solving experiments for daring detectives, and projects for outdoor scientists. If you’re feeling adventurous about arts and crafts, you’ll find new techniques, projects and perspectives to spark creativity. There are even feline-friendly science activities to enjoy with your kitty! We hope you’ll come up with your own unique experiments as well. 

Share your experiments with us and your fellow adventurers by filling out and submitting the form on our website. We’d love to see where your curiosity takes you! 

Ready for an Adventure? 

There are plenty of ways to adventure with the library this summer. Every week we have story lists and programs related to our theme, A World of Stories. 

Try an Experiment (Bonus Activity) - Summer Adventure 2021

List created by ACL_PolinaR

All Ages: These selections embrace the process of discovery, observation, and hands-on learning. You’ll find fun, creative experiments in many areas of interest across science, technology, engineering, arts, math (STEAM), and more! Alameda County Library invites you to come along for our 2021 Summer Adventure, A World of Stories! From June 15 to August 15, let’s explore new and creative ways to share our stories while also learning about others’ stories through listening, watching, and of course—reading! Pick up an Adventure Guide at any AC Library location starting June 15.

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