A Bookish Feast for the Senses

Blog by the Book Match Team

With its warm weather and vibrant skies, summer is the perfect season for exploring the senses. The curated book lists below follow our Summer Adventure theme and offer different ways you can engage your senses. Delight your sense of taste with a cool treat on a hot day or learn about various senses of identity with a graphic novel featuring LGBTQIA+ characters. 

Are you looking for more books? Or are you interested in other themes? Reach out to the Book Match team and get personalized recommendations based on what you like to read! Readers one and all, AC Library’s matchmakers keep up to date on books across a wide range of genres, from different nonfiction topics to the most adventurous stories. Whether you’re looking for your next cookbook or locked-room mystery, Book Match can create a customized reading list just for you! 

Sweet Frozen Treats

Keep cool this summer with delicious homemade frozen treats. Find inspiration and recipes for popsicles, ice cream, gelato and more! 

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Cool and Sweet Summer Reads

Do you like to stay cool with an ice cream cone or a cup of gelato? So do the characters in these books! Covering a range of ages and genres, this list focuses on stories that feature a chilly summer treat.

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Adventure Awaits!

Summer is a great time to travel, and to explore the National Parks. Even if you can't make it to one of the parks this summer, we have some fun book ideas to help you explore the parks across the US. From coffee table photo books, children's books about being a park ranger, and various mystery series taking place in the National Parks, there's something for everyone to enjoy about these national treasures. 

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Graphic Novels Featuring LGBTQIA+ Characters

June is Pride Month. Help celebrate this year with graphic novels for teens and adults and a selection of nonfiction at the top of the list that feature LGBTQIA+ characters. All these graphic ovels were published within the last three years. 

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Let's Go to the Beach

Make this summer unforgettable with a list of beach and summer-themed books for children. These wonderful stories are perfect for young readers, whisking them away to sandy shores, playful waves, and sunny adventures. Whether it's making new friends by the sea, discovering underwater treasures, or enjoying the simple joys of summer, these books will inspire imagination and bring the magic of the beach to life. Dive in and let the summer fun begin! 

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