Summer Adventure: Ideas for your Optional Tracker

Welcome to Summer Adventure 2022! 

All ages and abilities can join the adventure by picking up an Adventure Guide at any AC Library location, the Mobile Library, or downloading a copy at the Summer Adventure website!

Complete activities, reading, and more to receive a book gift and prize drawing entries! 

Do you enjoy keeping track of the things you’ve done during the summer? This week we’ll offer ideas on how you can use the optional tracker found in the Adventure Guide. 

Ideas for Your Tracker

Want to Track Your Progress?

The optional tracker is a way to record what you’ve accomplished and create something artistic at the same time! Simply color in a native California poppy for any way you participate in Summer Adventure (see page 3 of your guide for a full list of activity choices). There is no minimum amount to fill in, and plenty of poppies to track the activities that speak to your curiosity and sense of fun. Just like all of Summer Adventure, the tracker is meant to be adapted in a way that makes the most sense for you.

Set Your Own Goals (a Reading Example)

The activity of reading or being read to is just one great way to use the tracker to personalize your adventure for all ages and abilities. Are you adventuring with a prereader? Color in a poppy (or 2!) for any reading you do together, and check the early literacy calendar, updated monthly on AC Library’s Families page, for more daily literacy-building activities. Are you a reader who prefers to structure reading sessions by a set number of minutes (e.g., 20 minutes)? Choose how long you’d like to read for and color in a poppy for each time you complete your goal. You can even color in one poppy per each chapter or book you read! Choose a reading goal that’s right for you and be sure to explore our reading recommendations from library staff below.

Choose Your Activities and Color It Your Own Way

Whether you read, develop a new skill, or explore your curiosity outdoors or indoors, Summer Adventure is a time to celebrate all types of learning! You’re always welcome to dream up the activities and learning goals that are meaningful to you.

Example 1

Working on fine motor skills? Try finger or egg crayons to color in 1 or 2 poppies at a time for any completed activity.

Example 2

Like to organize? Create your own key to color-code by each type of activity you complete. Try a different color for each of the Discover, Create, and Connect sections. Add more colors for any other way you participate in Summer Adventure to create your unique design.

Example 3

Enjoy coloring as a meditative way to relax? Use colored pencils or markers to highlight the details in each poppy and experiment with different color combinations.

What I’d Like to Keep with Me

As you color in your activities, we hope you’ll collect memories and moments of wonder you’d like to keep with you beyond summer. Set them down in the “What I’d like to keep with me” space right next to your tracker. At the end of Summer Adventure, share your beautiful tracker designs and reflections with us online or at your library location. Happy adventuring!

Ready for an Adventure? 

There are plenty of ways to adventure with the library this summer. Check out our theme related booklists and programs, then venture to the Submission Showcase to see how others are celebrating the summer!

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