July is National Ice Cream Month

Ice cream is a favorite dessert all around the world and for good reason. Not only is it delicious, but it comes in hundreds of flavors. It is also one of the oldest desserts.

First, a small scoop of history: In ancient Rome, emperors and other persons of wealth and power would send runners into the mountains to get ice. They would then add fresh fruits and honey to make a frozen treat. In India, a popular frozen dairy dessert known as kulfi is believed to have originated with the royal families of the Mughal empire. Traditional flavors of kulfi include saffron, cardamom and pistachio.

Did you know? In the late 1800's, many areas of the U.S. prohibited drinking soda water on Sundays, so soda shops invented sundaes as a way to have something else to sell to their customers. They poured the syrups typically reserved for sodas onto ice cream instead, and a classic was born.

Feeling creative? You can make your own ice cream! Here are a few books to help get you started:

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July is National Ice Cream Month - from cook books on how to make your own ice cream at home to fictional accounts involving everybody's favorite summertime treat, here is a list to get you started.

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Remember, you don’t have to limit yourself. From the paletas de leche of Mexico to halo halo from the Philippines, as well as dairy-free alternatives, there’s a version of this frosty delight for everyone.