Book Match: Fresh Lists for Spring

Blog by the Book Match Team

Spring returns along with sunshine and colorful blooms. As the stormy winter blows past, celebrate the blue skies and brighter days with a fresh book from the lists below. Share a story about the different spring holidays or learn more about our changing weather with a climate-based adventure. 

Looking for more books? Or are you interested in other themes? Reach out to the Book Match team and get personalized recommendations based on what you like to read! Readers one and all, AC Library’s matchmakers keep up to date on books across a wide range of genres, from cozy fantasy to action-packed thrillers. Whether you’re looking for your next second-chance romance or a DIY guide, Book Match can create a customized reading list just for you! 

Spring Holiday Picture Books

Celebrate spring with these books about Ramadan, Passover, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Holi, and more! 

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Changing Planet

What does life on Earth look like in the future? Check out some of these cli-fi (climate fiction) novels about what the Earth might look like after climate change has irrevocably altered our world. 

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Spring Fling!

Pick up a fresh new romance to enjoy on a sunny, spring afternoon! 

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New Comics and Manga

This year, Free Comic Book Day is happening on May 4. Pick up one of the books below, and catch up on what's been happening in the world of graphic novels and manga. For ages ranging from adult to children, these titles were all published or translated into English within the last two years. 

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Climate-Fiction for Tweens

Cli-fi tackles climate change and global warming. These books may take place in a world we know or in the near future!

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Gardens and Green Magic

Spring is the season of growth and blooms. These speculative fiction books for teens and adults all reflect the greenery and focus in one way or another on flowers, trees, and other flora. 

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