Feliz Día and Introducing Our 2021 Summer Adventure Theme

¡Feliz Día! We hope you were able to take part in some of the celebrations and activities leading up to this day. If not, there is still time to join the festivities! 

Today, we... 

  • Celebrate children and connect them to the world of learning through books, stories and libraries. 
  • Recognize and respect culture, heritage and language as powerful tools for strengthening families and communities. 
  • Nurture cognitive and literacy development in ways that honor and embrace a child’s home language and culture. 
  • Introduce families to community resources that provide opportunities for learning through multiple literacies. 

Día is all about celebrating diversity—both our own, and that of others. It is also about connecting with one another by sharing experiences and stories with our friends, neighbors, and anyone who lives in our community. By sharing these stories, we can achieve a deeper understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us. 

And with that, it is time to announce our Summer Adventure theme! 


Why Is A World of Stories Our Theme?   

We can all relate to each other because we all live in a world of stories. We have our own stories that can be expressed creatively through storytelling in multiple forms, and we can learn about the lives of others by reading, listening, and connecting through stories told by someone else.  

A World of Stories is designed to be inclusive, provide for a variety of ways in which all ages and abilities can participate, and encourage first-time adventurers to join in on the fun. We hope you’ll help us spread the word to those who have never adventured with us before! Here is the flyer in English, Spanish, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese so we can recruit adventurers far and wide. 

Summer Adventure Is the Reimagined Summer Reading Game!

 If you’ve been with Alameda County Library throughout the years, you might have heard our big summer event referred to as the Summer Reading Game. Starting this year, we are calling it Summer Adventure to encourage people to participate if they learn and enjoy activities other than reading. Don’t worry, reading still has a huge role in our Summer Adventure! 

More Information Coming Soon 

We hope you’re looking forward to this year’s Summer Adventure! There are many details to come about how to participate, win prizes, and more. Be sure to pick up an Adventure Guide booklet at your local library starting June 15, and keep an eye on our website, blog, eNewsletter, and social media for updates!

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