eLibrary Spotlight: Introducing Rosetta Stone Language Learning

Introducing Rosetta Stone

Are you ready to learn another language? Get started with Rosetta Stone! Rosetta Stone offers:

  • 30 languages to meet a range of cultural interests
  • Core lessons to build reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills
  • Focused activities to refine grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and more
  • Mobile apps that enable learners to reinforce language on the go

Rosetta Stone's immersion method uses images and audio to immediately pull you into the language you've chosen.  

Getting Started

The first time you use Rosetta Stone, you'll need to create an account—all you'll need is your library card number and PIN, and an email address. Create a password, and you're in! Check out this FAQ for detailed instructions, especially if you plan to use the Rosetta Stone app.

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