Seed Sharing Library

Come visit us at the Castro Valley Library to borrow and share locally harvested heirloom seeds. We have a wide selection of vegetables and flowering plants to choose from. We also offer a variety of gardening programs in the spring.  Please see our events for more information.

Choose Your Seeds

Identify the seeds you would like to grow.  Choose no more than 5 varieties to borrow. Each seed packet contains enough seeds to start 3-5 plants.

Plant + Grow

Plant your seeds and enjoy your garden.  We have a wealth of books on gardening for all sizes and types of gardens.  Look for gardening programs in the spring!

Sharing Seeds

Save the seeds from your plants, bring your completely dried and labeled seeds (a reusable plastic bag is ideal) back to the library to be included in our collection and ensure a variety of local options for next year’s crops.

The Seed Sharing Library is made possible by the Castro Valley Library and is a local non-profit whose mission is to educate local communities about permaculture practices, plant local land with the forests of the future, and employ local visionaries in green jobs for all.