AAPI Heritage Month

Blog post by the AAPI team - Janine, Julia, & Noelle 

What is AAPI Heritage Month? 

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month takes place in May and is an annual celebration of the contributions and culture of all Americans who are of Asian and/or Pacific Islander descent. The idea of an AAPI Heritage Week was first introduced in 1977, but it was not until 1978 that this recognition would get ratified by the United States government. It took an additional 14 years for the celebration to expand from the initial 10 days into a full month, with Congress finally signing AAPI Heritage Month into law in the year 1992.  

Why was May chosen as AAPI Heritage Month? It is largely because of two important dates in AAPI history: 

May 7, 1843: The date of the first arrival of Japanese immigrants to the United States 

May 10, 1869: The date of the completion of the transcontinental railroad, which would not have been possible without the work of Chinese immigrants.  

While these dates recognize the specific contributions of Japanese and Chinese Americans, it is important to celebrate the accomplishments of Asian American and Pacific Islanders of all backgrounds during this month! We all have important history to share, and every member of the AAPI community has contributed to help make the United States a more culturally rich and diverse country. 

Want to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month? Below are some ideas for how you can participate! 

 AAPI Reads 

Check out these staff-created booklists for recommended AAPI reads! 

YA for Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month

List created by ACL_RachelB

Start May off right by getting lost in an #OwnVoices YA title by authors from the Asian and Pacific Islander communities. This list has graphic novels, fantasy, and realistic fiction; something for everyone!

"Where Was This Back Then?!" Stories and Voices for My Younger Self

List created by ACL_HelenC

These stories and voices are those I wish I could have read growing up as an Asian American.

Honk if You Love Street Food!

List created by ACL_DublinAdult

From food trucks to farmer's market stalls, what's not to love about portable, tasty, street food? Whether you want your own Taco Tuesday or are craving something more adventurous, bring the taste of roadside restaurants to your table with the help of these cookbooks.


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