January 13 is Korean American Day

This is a guest blog by Cassie Lee.  

Korean American Day commemorates the arrival of the first Korean immigrants to the United States on January 13, 1903 and honors the contributions that Korean Americans have made to all aspects of society. 

Today, my focus is on the global phenomenon of Korean culture through Arts, Entertainment, and Cuisine. 

The K-pop band BTS and Netflix mega hit series, Squid Game, as well as other notable pop culture standouts have sparked a curiosity and rising influence of Korean culture.

Korean cuisine is also increasing in popularity; Korean barbecue, kalbi and bulgogi, that you grill at the table and eat with an array of savory side dishes is probably the best known, but soups and stews such as soondubu jigae and kimchi jigae are also popular, as well as Korean street food favorites gimpab and Korean corn dogs.

So, grab some dalgona coffee/candy or your other favorite Korean snacks and dive into these recommended books, films, and music.  

Korean Culture in Arts, Entertainment & Cuisine

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