Celebrate Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! 2021 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day—a day for us to appreciate the world that we share together. This year AC Library is celebrating Earth Day through virtual programs and crafts designed to engage you with nature.

Grab and Go Seed Kits

Pick up a free seed kit at your local library to embark on your own carrot growing adventure! Kits contain carrot seeds, library staff-designed recipes, and activities. Kits are first come, first served! The Library will be providing new seed kits each month.

We hope these kits will cultivate an understanding and appreciation of our earth and the food that it provides to us. The kits were designed to include growers of all types: the varieties of seeds we chose are seeds that can be grown in pots. No outdoor garden is needed! There are also items in each kit we call ephemera, modeled after the Inspiration Tours of Julka Almquist. Each seed kit contains a journey hidden inside. Please share your experience with others in your life and with us!

Learn More About Earth

  • Use our Earth Day Resource List to find books about Earth Day.
  • Check out our Seed Libraries at the Fremont and Centerville Libraries!
  • Check out the garden at the Centerville Library.