About the Library

Built in 1927, Niles Library is Alameda County’s oldest and smallest library. Designed by architect, John J. Donovan, it occupies 2,152 square feet. Donovan incorporated barrel roof tiles, a series of nearly floor to ceiling windows, a large fireplace and small room on the 2nd floor. Dark wood built-in shelves and a circulation desk featuring finials matching the staircase's newel finial, were added to the interior.  Funded by Helen and William Ford, the library officially opened in January 1928 and was named for Helen’s mother, Jane R. Clough. 

The statue, Poppy Nymph by Jo Mora, was later added to the entryway and a painting commemorating the 50th anniversary of the building by Hal Booth was placed above the fireplace. 

The Niles Library is owned by Alameda County, as the building predates the incorporation of the City of Fremont. Currently, it is not an ADA accessible building.