Learner Writing: My Dream

By Nhi Nhi Ly

Using English like a native speaker? 

Oh, like a native speaker. 

Oh, my dream, my hallucination 

Grammar, reading, writing, pronunciation, again pronunciation. 

I am trying to listen 

Trying to sing my dream… 

Oh no, I am singing my blues… 

Out of the blue makes me surprised… 

Topsy- turvy, wishy washy… 

Do not dilly- dally, wake up or you will not speak like a boss. 

Spread your wings, practice, practice, and practice. 

Do I need to tell you again? 

Ok. this is repetition, preparation, reduplication. 

Pretend like you are ecstatic, pretend like you are not frustrated, 

Fake it ‘till you become it. All you need to do is just be patient and confident. 

Why are you still so shy? 

What is fatigue? Given a choice between “Frightened” and “Petrified.” 

I’d take to eat all of both. 

Exactly digest your fear. 

Oh, synonym cinnamon 

Stress, syllable, linking words. 

“I can fly high, I can go low 

Today I got a million, tomorrow, I don’t know.” 

Oh, oh, learn English through music never let you down. 

And you know what? You don’t need to be perfect. 

I am “Defective”. I am an adjective. 

I am “Defection”. I am a noun. 

Oh great, we have “defects”, so we are brother, we are sister, we are family 

Wait, wait. I am “Deficiency”, I am a noun and it’s me “Defective” little sister. 

You are just like me, but not really us… 

Get out of my home. 

Oh, oh, hu-hu, it is really my fault. I shouldn’t have had too much meanings. 

At least, I still belong to this poem. 

No problem, if you keep learning by heart. 

Oh no, not exactly what I mean. 

Again idioms, slang, expressions again. 

I mean using your enthusiasm to learn. 

You know what I mean? 

“The more mistakes, the more okay” 

You do not to be perfect. 

Practice, practice, practice. 


“The fault in our stars.” 

Oh, Reading more, Reading more. 

Believe, believe, believe 

One day I will speak English fluently. 

Oh, I am singing my dream... 

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