What assistive listening technology does Alameda County Library provide?

Every library provides Pocketalkers for in-library use. Pocketalkers are personal sound amplifiers that help users hear more of what they want to hear and less of what they don't. They achieve this by reducing background noise and allowing the user to focus on and amplify specific sounds.

Pocketalkers are ideal for library programs, film showings, group discussions, one-on-one conversation, and for library use in general. Using a Pocketalker is as simple as plugging in a pair of headphones (or using the included pair), positioning the microphone near the preferred sound, and adjusting the volume to your desired setting. 

Visit any of our libraries' Reference Desks to borrow a Pocketalker for use during your next library visit. 

In addition, we have RF (radio frequency)-based assistive listening systems from Listen Technologies at the Albany, Castro Valley, Dublin, Fremont Main and Newark libraries. These systems are great for larger events and programs. Users can adjust the volume of the presentation audio on an individual basis using an RF receiver. Simply let staff know if you would like the presenters to provide event or program audio through one of these systems. 

If you require accommodations for a specific library program, please contact the library where the program is being held or message Accessibility Services at least seven (7) days in advance.