Learner Writing: Dog Max

By Wanda Wang

April 19, 2014 marks a very sad day for my family. Max, our beloved mixed terrier dog passed away because of old age.  His death brought sorrow to our family. We all miss him very much. 

Sixteen years ago, Max was 5 months when he became the newest member of our family.  Since, he had lived with us for almost 16 years. During the 16 years he brought our family so much joy and happiness. I remember that every day when I came home tired from work he would always be the first one waiting to greet me at the door. I remember when we faced hardships in our life, Max would do a lot of funny things to cheer us up and make us laugh.  

Max was a very kindhearted, good natured and loving dog.    

He almost never made mistakes or did the wrong things. Even when he was sick, he kept quiet and never barked to disturb our family.  

Max also was one of the reasons we exercised more. We walked with him every day. It was he who gave us the inspiration to exercise. When our family added a new baby, he always stayed on the side in silence. He never gave us any trouble. He was truly a good friend and a wonderful family member. 

Max has been away from us for four years. But the beautiful memories are in our hearts forever. 

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