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Genealogy: Tri-City

Hunt for your roots with these excellent sources.




The Maurice Marks Center for Local and California History houses a collection of books, newspaper clippings, documents, brochures, photographs, and ephemera.

This collection is named after community activist Maurice Marks, who was influential in creating and supporting community organizations and services during Fremont's early years as a city.

The collection focuses on the Tri-City region of Fremont, Newark and Union City with emphasis on the City of Fremont. Special areas of the collection include oral history tapes recorded in the early 1970s and mid 1980s, and the papers of Oakland Tribune reporter Gladys Williamson who covered the South County region from 1934 through 1962.

In addition, the collection has books pertaining to the state at large, including history, politics, geography, ecology and culture. The California collection concentrates on the Spanish colonial period through the incorporation of the City of Fremont in 1956.

Local Newspaper Holdings


  • The Argus We carry microfilm from the paper’s inception on April 29, 1960 to present. An online index is available at the Reference Desk for locating local news stories and obituaries from 1985 to the present.
  • The News Register (aka Fremont News Register, Washington Township News Register). We have the full series, 1955 to 1972, on microfilm.
  • The Township Register. We have microfilm covering April 1927- October 1954. Bound volumes for 1921-1922 are available by appointment.