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Genealogy: Primary Sources

Hunt for your roots with these excellent sources.


Primary Sources


Additional Web Sources

Barrel of Genealogy Links
Long list of genealogy links.

Family Search
Latter Day Saints web resource with searchable databases and research advice.

Genealogical Societies
Lists of hereditary, lineage and patriotic societies published by the Historic Trust.

Historical and Genealogical Societies of the United States
Listed by state. Large number of sources is listed under California.

NARA Genealogy Page
List of archives, free publications, ordering, classes, regional offices and more.

NARA Ordering
Search NARA for the type of material you need and order online.

Newspaper Association of America is a source of local newspapers on line.
Easy to use search tool for finding individuals across the United States is very helpful in finding people by last name and city/state when you don't know the exact address or phone number.

Vital Records
Links to state and county offices where you may obtain birth death and marriage records.