Matchmaker – Julia W

Julia W Matchmaker

Julia reads a wide variety of children’s, young adult, and adult fiction. She loves picture books, especially those about food, animals, and general silliness. When she picks out a chapter book she enjoys anything that is filled with page-turning adventure and mystery. She also loves stories that can give her a good scare or realistic fiction that helps her understand more about the lives of other people. Click on the images below to see some of her favorites. 

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Julia's Recommendations

Underwear is Everywhere!

This list showcases the best (and funniest) picture books that feature underwear. Because everyone loves a silly underwear story!

Thrilling YA: Mysteries and Thrillers for the Teen Crowd

YA books that will have you on the edge of your seat till the final twist as been revealed and the last page has been turned!

Puzzles, Clues, and Treasure Galore!

There's a reading adventure in each of these chapter books featuring puzzles, games, or scavenger hunts!
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