Matchmaker – Chelsey R.

Chelsey R Matchmaker

Chelsey loves children’s literature for all ages, from picture books to middle grade novels. She can find your insatiable Harry Potter fan their next favorite series! She enjoys young adult fiction (both realistic and fantastical), and will even read adult fantasy if it’s got enough dragons in it. She also loves to read nonfiction and learn more on sociology, psychology, and anything else about why humans act the wacky ways we do.

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Chelsey's Recommendations

Big-Hearted Books: All My Feelings

There are all kinds of emotions out there! Check out the books below to help your little reader learn the words for what they're feeling.

Anti-Racist Books for Kids and Families

Start the conversation about racism with your kids is by sharing a book together that talks frankly about race, prejudice, and inequality.

The Dog DOESN'T Die at the End

Sometimes we need to know that our favorite furry friends are going to make it to the end of the book in one piece.
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