eLibrary Spotlight: Let’s Explore…World Book Online

Let's Explore World Book Online!

Most of us are familiar with World Book, the encyclopedia that has been a staple for generations.  World Book Online offers encyclopedia content, but it has much, much more to offer.  

I've added a few quick exploration activities below.  Try some or all of them to explore World Book online.  

Content for all ages

World Book Online has a little something for everyone.  

World Book Student

World Book Student is packed with such research tools as Citation Builder, How to Do Research, Compare Places, Interactive Maps, and the World Book Atlas to help students get the most out of their research experience. World Book Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos is the Spanish language version of World Book Student.
Explore: click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the screen and go down to "Trivia Quizzes."  Find a quiz that interests you and take it - how did you do? 

World Book Advanced

World Book Advanced offers a powerful reference tool that includes all the same effective research tools as Student, plus provides users with access to primary sources, historical documents, video, and sound recordings directly from each encyclopedia article.
Explore: In the right corner of the screen click on "Research and Resources."  Choose "Today in History" and find a day that is important to you.  Read one of the articles about something that happened on that day and share something you learned with us.

World Book Early World of Learning

World Book Early World of Learning offers image-based navigation that helps young readers navigate through stories, games, videos, and interactive coloring pages for educational entertainment.
Explore: play one of the games using the menu at the top of the screen.  Did you find one you recommend? Share it on social media.

World Book Kids

World Book Kids provides thousands of easy-to-read articles with embedded multimedia for increased comprehension. It includes fantastic age-appropriate resources, such as Important People, Science Projects, Webquests, and games.
Explore: In the menu at the bottom of the landing page, choose "Compare Places" and choose two places in the world to compare.  Did you learn anything neat about the two places?  Share with us on social media.

World Book Discover

World Book Discover assists differentiated learners and older adults with a research resource that offers a practical Life Skills section.  A collection of unique videos, featuring expert answers to often asked questions, and a visual dictionary make content more accessible for readers of all levels.
Explore: Check out the Life Skills section (in the left sidebar).  Is there something there you'd like to learn? Share it with us on social media or through our story form.

World Book Timelines

World Book Timelines lets you explore historical timelines in subjects like literature, sports, history, and more.  You can also create your own timelines.  This is a great resource for students who are studying history or for anyone who would like to see how history unfolds.
Explore: Find a subject that interests you and look for your birth year on the timeline.  What happened that year?  Share it with us on social media or through our story form. Bonus: Create a timeline of your own!

World Book eBooks

World Book eBooks offers a variety of nonfiction eBooks for kids that includes books on animals, history, crafts & hobbies, biography, technology, and much more.  Additionally, the platform offers a selection of Children's and Young Adult public domain classics.  Read in the browser - all you need is your library card number and PIN!
Explore: Find a book on a subject that interests you and write a short review.  Share it with us on social media or through our story form.

World Book Online is Fun and Informative

World Book is a great resource for homework help, research, and information seeking, but it's also really fun to browse!  Take a look and share your favorite parts of World Book with us via social media or through our story form. On social media be sure to tag us and use the hashtag #StaySafeKindConnected.  We'd love to hear from you!