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Library Accounts: Notifications

Choosing your Notifications

Choose your notification preference by clicking on the Modify Personal Information"", checking your choice and submitting your change. Be sure to type in your full email address if that option is selected. Email or text notification is recommended for faster service.
  • Telephone Notification System (TNS)
    • In your library account, you may choose to be notified of requests by telephone or email.
    • This replaces the printed notices to inform you of requested items.
    • The message states: "Hello, this is the Alameda County Library telephone notification system. A person in your household has requested material. It is now available." Because of confidentiality, the name of the person and title of the item will not be given in the message.
    • If you are not home it will leave a recorded message on your answering machine.
    • If you do not have an answering machine, you will receive a printed notice.
  • Email